with Opto-isolator 300 972-BA5000
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with Opto-isolator 300 972-BA5000

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90° outlet, without programming port, optical isolation.

Optoelectronic isolation PROFIBUS fieldbus connector adapts high speed optoelectronic isolation technique and new RS485 chip to enhance drive capability greatly and minimize EMI in any harsh electromagnetic environment (more effective in communication networks where inverts work). Optoelectronic isolation also solves the problem of frequently damaged communication interfaces caused by the electrical potential deference in network. Self-diagnostic-bus 300 972-BA5000 connector with blue, green, orange three LED indicators to show the network and the bus connector working condition or fault condition: the orange indicator light is terminating resistor. The blue lights for the system hardware connection indicator. The green light for the network transmission indicator. In a network, can have up to 26 self-diagnostic bus connector simultaneously. Meanwhile, the new self-diagnostic bus connector also has fast connection capabilities for our customers save installation time.