Robotic Arm Package CA05L_EC-C01
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Robotic Arm Package CA05L_EC-C01

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One Robotic Arm CA10L (max. load: 10kg; max. covered range: 1925mm)
One Control Cabinet EC-A01
One Teach Pendant

6 DOF industrial robotic arm is a typical industrial robot that is used in automatic pick and place, installation, welding, painting, etc. The new GRB serial industrial robot combines the motion control technology together with advanced educational concept and fulfills both the industrial needs as well as the education and research needs in motion planning and industrial system design. The robot uses 6-joint in serial design. Each joint uses absolute encoder and high precision harmonic gearbox to ensure the accuracy. Camera, pneumatic tools and some other interfaces are preserved at the end effecter for user to extend the robot for other usage. The robot is controlled by the newly developed VME bus controller which integrates PC, image processing technology, logic control and motion control to achieve high speed, high accuracy control of the robot.
Order Includes:

  • One robotic arm CA05L
  • One control cabinet EC_C01
  • One teach pendant
Features Description
Model CA05L
Arm format Vertical multi-joint
Degree of freedom 6 DOF
Maximum payload 5kg
Applications Assembling, material loading/unloading, transporting, sorting, detecting, gluing, polishing, duburring, grinding, spot welding, sprayin
Maximum distance travelled Rotating of arm ±180°
Back and forth of arm +135°~-80°
Up and down of arm +118°~-172°
Rotating of wrist ±360°
Bending of wrist ±145°
Turning of wrist ±360°
Maximum of speed Rotating of arm 300°/s
Back and forth of arm 300°/s
Up and down of arm 300°/s
Rotating of wrist 460°/s
Bending of wrist 460°/s
Turning of wrist 740°/s
Inertia Rotating of wrist 12.3N·m
Bending of wrist 12.3N·m
Turning of wrist 7N·m
Moment of inertia Rotating of wrist 0.4kg·m²
Bending of wrist 0.4kg·m²
Turning of wrist 0.12kg·m²
Repeated positioning accuracy ±0.03mm
Maximum covered area 903mm
Resultant maximum speed 9300mm/s
Body weight 37kg
Color Light blue
Installing method On the floor, from the top
Installing environment Operating temperature 0°~45°C
Relative temperature 35~85% (non-condensing)
IP rating Wrist: IP67 basic axis: IP65
Power supply capacity 3kVA
Features Description
Model EC-C01
Dimension 500*340*680 (mm)
Weight 40kg
Specification of power supply 1-phase AC220V±10% 50/60Hz
Structure Independent fully enclosed type; indirect cooling method
Protection grade IP54
No. of control axis 8-axis
Driving mode Digital servo drive
Storage capacity 8MB
I/O signal External operating signal Emergency stop; external maintaining signal
Input signal (maximum) 16-point (256)
Output signal (maximum) 16-point
Installation environment Ambient temperature 0-45ºC
Relative humidity 35-85% (non-condensing)
Teach pendant Standard teach pendant
Features Description
Display size 7.0-inch TFT color LCD
Display resolution 800x480
Display color quality 32-bit true color
Touch screen Yes
Function button/key Emergency stop button (with light); teaching start (with light); pause (with light), mode rotary knob (teach/replay/remote)
49 operating keys (including all numeric keys)
Buzzing/vibrator Reserved
Power supply DC24V
Dust-proof/water-proof grade IP65
Material ABS engineering plastics
External dimension 285mm x 170mm x 68.5mm
Operating environment Operating temperature: 0ºC~40ºC