GLIP3001 Direct dirve inverted pendulum system
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GLIP3001 Direct dirve inverted pendulum system

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Direct drive inverted pendulum system

The Inverted Pendulum System (IP) is a classical experiment device for undergraduate and graduate students for learning control algorithm. Rotary motor is usually used and linear motion is achieved by indirect conversion of synchronous belt. The all new Direct Drive Motor Inverted Pendulum System by Googoltech uses advanced cylindrical linear motor for direct driving. It gets rid of intermediate transformation segment of indirect control mode. The model process is thus more accurate and reliable. This new type of direct drive mode is modern and can stimulate the curiosity as well as learning passion of the students.

Item Parameter
Dimensions 620x95x415mm
Gliding block mass 1.7 kg
Linear motor encoder resolution 10,000 pulse / pitch
Rotary encoder resolution 2400 pulse / r
Control refresh rate 200us
Swinging rod length 400 mm
Swinging rod mass 0.105 kg
Maximum acceleration 10m /s²
Maximum speed 1.5m / s
Pitch 10 mm