GRB3044 SCARA robot with duo camera vision system

GRB3044 SCARA robot with duo camera vision system

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SCARA robot with duo camera vision system 

The newly series 4DOF Robotic Arm by Googol Technology not only maintains the characteristics of an educational platform, but also adds new features for industrial environment. It provides a completely open, innovative experiment platform for the mechatronics, manufacture automation and automation control and other related courses for the technical institutes. It can be applied in the Machine Manufacture and Automation, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Machine Design and Theory, CNC Technology, Robotics, Automation Control and other related Mechanical and Electrical Control fundamental experiment courses.

Order Includes:

  • 4 DOF robotic arm main body (Type II) (ARB-MB-2004-II)
  • Aluminum supporting frame (ARB-BS-1)
  • GT-400-SG motion controller (GT-400-SG-PCI-EDU)
  • Duo camera vision system module (ARB-VM-2)
  • Electromagnetic gripper (ARB-RM-2)
  • Demonstration module (ARB-WP)
  • Duo camera vision module (ARB-VM-2)
  • Duo camera vision robotic arm control software (with part of source code) (SRB-VC-4-2VS)
  • Robot moment control mode research;
  • Development of various application systems based on intelligent control platform;
  • Challenging the research and development of visual servo system;
  • Tackling research projects such as remote robot monitoring, and multiple-robot coordination.

Software interface (C++)

Part Number GRB3044
Loading capacity payload 2KG
Motion resolution (Pulse equivalent weight/Rotation) Joint No.1 800000/r
Joint No.2 800000/r
Joint No.3 2500pulse/mm
Joint No.4 30000/r
XY-plane Repeatability +/-0.05mm
Joint No. 3 Repeatability +/-0.02mm
Joint No. 4 Repeatability +/-0.05
Number of DOF 4
Range of motion Joint No.1 +/-120
Joint No.2 +/-130
Joint No.3 0~150mm
Joint No.4 0~360
Max. speed Joint No.1 6.54 rad/S
Joint No.2 6.54 rad/S
Joint No.3 300 mm/S
Joint No.4 31.4 rad/S
XY-plane max. synchronized speed 3.3m/s
Max. radius 400mm
Height 706mm
Weight ≤30Kg
Dimension Joint No.1 (Length) 250mm
Joint No.2 (Length) 150mm
Joint No.3 (Displacement) 150mm
Installation requirements
  • Aclinic table
  • Temperature: 0~45C
  • Humidity: 20~80%RH (No condesation)
  • Vibration: Less than 0.5G
  • Avoid contacting with inflammable and corrosive fluids. Keep away from power cables.

Robot visual device system parameters (optional)

Item Index
Image acquisition card
  • Support the acquisition of NTSC,PAL,RS170 and CCIR standard video sources
  • Dual video decoder structure allows rapid channel switching
  • Can connect with and switch between 16 CVBS channels, 8 Y/C or mixed input channels
  • 16 channel TTL I/O auxiliary interface and RS-485 parallel interface
  • Watchdog timer allows integrity of monitoring system
  • Support 32 bit 33/66 MHz PCI bus
  • Software development package includes Matrox Imaging Library (MIL)/ActiveMIL, MIL-Lite/ActiveMIL-Lite
  • Support Microsoft Windows 2000 and WindowsXP OS
CCD Industrial camera
  • High resolution
  • VBS and Y/C output
  • Electronic circuit function
  • Single click white balance
  • Preloaded DSP
  • TV System: NTSC/PAL
  • Image sensor: Interline CCD
  • Effective pixels: 752*582
  • Pixel size: 8.6*8.3
  • Number of scanning lines: 625Lines
  • Resolution: 470TV lines(Horizontal) 460TV lines (Vertical)
  • Signal-noise ratio: 46dB
  • Power: DC12V + - 10
  • Camera interface: C
  • Dimension: 31(W) x 29(H) x 80(D) mm

Fundamental Experiments Content

  • The recognition of the mechanisms, electric, control and software of robots;
  • The operation practice of robots;
  • Robotics kinematics;
  • Robotics dynamics.