GRB4016-06 6DOF Industrial Robot (6Kg)

GRB4016-06 6DOF Industrial Robot (6Kg)

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 6DOF Industrial Robot (6Kg)

6 DOF industrial robotic arm is a typical industrial robot that is used in automatic pick and place, installation, welding, painting, etc. The new GRB serial industrial robot combines the motion control technology together with advanced educational concept and fulfills both the industrial needs as well as the education and research needs in motion planning and industrial system design. The robot uses 6-joint in serial design. Each joint uses absolute encoder and high precision harmonic gearbox to ensure the accuracy. Camera, pneumatic tools and some other interfaces are preserved at the end effecter for user to extend the robot for other usage. The robot is controlled by the newly developed VME bus controller which integrates PC, image processing technology, logic control and motion control to achieve high speed, high accuracy control of the robot.

Order Includes:

  • 6 Dof Robotic Arm Body (Payload 6kg) (ARB-MB-3006-06)
  • 8 Axis GUC Embedded Motion Controller (GUC-800-TPV-M01-L2)
  • Electronic Module (ARB-EB-6)
  • Pneumatic Gripper (ARB-RM-3)
  • Parts for Pick and Place (ARB-WP)
  • Control Software with Partial Source Code
Part Number GRB4016-06
Arm Length J3 to J2 720 mm
J2 to J1 150 mm
J5 to J3 645 mm
J4 to J3 150 mm
Range of Motion Radius P to J1 1537 mm
R3 356 mm
Angle J1 +-180 deg
J2 -105, +175 deg
J3 -235, +85 deg
J4 +-180 deg
J5 -40, +220 deg
J6 +-360 deg
Max. Speed End Effecter Speed >8000 mm/s
J1 140 deg/s
J2 180 deg/s
J3 225 deg/s
J4 450 deg/s
J5 450 deg/s
J6 545 deg/s
Resolution J1 2048000 pulse /r
J2 1638400 pulse /
J3 1310720 pulse /r
J4 655360 pulse /r
J5 655360 pulse /r
J6 540672 pulse /r
Repeatability X/Y/Z +-0.08 mm
Allowable Moment J4 0.3 kg*m2
J5 0.3 kg*m2
J6 0.2 kg*m2
Payload 6 kg
Mass 140 kg
VME Controller Axis No. 8-Axis Servo / Stepper Motor
PC X86 Architecture, Celeron 1.6G, USB2.0, 10M/100M Ethernet,
Image Processing Dual video input, PAL, NTSC
Installation Environment
  • Temperature: 0 ~ 45C
  • Humidity: 20-80%RH (No dew.)
  • Vibration: below 0.5g
  • Avoid contact with inflammable and corrosive liquid or gas.
  • Keep away from electrical noise sources