Proximity Switch Assembly TLS2FNB-AN

Proximity Switch Assembly TLS2FNB-AN

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This proximity switch assembly “TLS2FNB -AN”  is a NPN equivalent, Normally-Closed, and sinking type switch, which replaces

  • Omron TL-S2FN-B
  • on Mori Seiki SL-1 to SL-7 lathes with Fanuc-6T, Yasnac LX-3 or older CNC controls


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A simplified connection and mounting diagram is:


For connection as a replacement, see the table below:

Signals New switches Old switches
12--24V DC Brown Red
Output Black White
0V Blue Black

Use a ferrous object to trigger the switch after it is connected and powered on; and then measure the output voltage, Vo, as shown. You should get the following result:

  • When it is not being triggered, its LED should be on and Vo is about 0V.
  • When it is being triggered, its LED should be off and Vo is about 12—24V DC.

    In case you could not get the correct result described above, please disconnect the load at terminal-b and re-test. If you can get the correct result without load, it means that the switch is good and troubleshooting by a service professional on the receiver circuit is needed.