Proximity Switch Assembly TLS2FNB-AT

Proximity Switch Assembly TLS2FNB-AT

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This proximity switch assembly TLS2FNB-AT is a PNP Normally-Open type for replacing the following obsolete switches:
  • TL-S2FN-B by Omron


 (In case you need a Normally-Closed type for replacing a TL-S2FN-B-9 switch, please visit and search: TLS2FNB-9-AT.)
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A simplified connection and mounting diagram is:


For connection as a replacement, see the table below:

Signals New switches Old switches
12--24V DC Brown Red
Output Black White
0V Blue Black
Use a piece of flat steel (ferrous material) to trigger the switch after connected and powered on; measure the voltage between 0V and Output; you should have the following result:
  • When the switch is not triggered, its LED is off and Output is about 0V;
  • When the switch is triggered, its LED is on and Output is about 12--24V DC.

 In case you could not get the correct result described above, please disconnect the load and test again. If you can get the correct result without load, the conclusion is that the switch is good and the receiving circuit of your control system is fault.